Sentence Examples

  • We were hesitant to speak candidly in front of Molly.
  • Neither nature nor acquired habits qualified him to be an orator; his late entrance on public life, his natural timidity, his feeble voice, his limited command of idiomatic English, and even, as he candidly confesses, his literary fame, were all obstacles to success.
  • In selling my goods, is it enough not to disguise their shortcomings, or ought I candidly to admit them?
  • But though no longer a minister Czartoryski continued to enjoy Alexander's confidence in private, and in 1810 the emperor candidly admitted to Czartoryski that his policy in 1805 had been erroneous and he had not made a proper use of his opportunities.
  • Setting forth these views, candidly and calmly, in a sermon, he found his congregation, not unnaturally, reluctant to agree with him, and therefore retired, not without some disappointment, from the pastoral office.