Sentence Examples

  • Both geniuses of the same caliber as Ender, but unsuited psychologically for military command, they hide their youth by engaging only in cyberspace, changing the political landscape.
  • Using Robert Annen's small scale ball bearing techniques, Mathys created the world's thinnest hand-wind mechanical movement, which Jean Lassale placed inside the Caliber 1200.
  • It encourages players to play Soul Caliber 2 on their own more than the previous version, but some of the missions were a bit tedious; for example, fighting a match where gale force winds were trying to push you away from your opponent.
  • Complete in Tekken 5 you'll find the old school arcade versions of Tekken's 1-3. *applauds* This was just that extra nudge that Namco gives, like giving the middle finger to those who would create a rival fighting game of its caliber.
  • When one visits Coney Island, they must take a moment to reflect upon its rich history, rather than gazing too long at the ghost-town caliber shops and rides that now exist in certain areas of the peninsula.