Sentence Examples

  • SAINT YON, a family of Parisian butchers in the 14th and 1 5th century.
  • The statute, however, would not seem to have had much effect; for in spite of a proclamation of Queen Elizabeth in 1560 imposing a fine of £ 20 for each offence on butchers slaughtering animals during Lent, in 1563 Sir William Cecil, in Notes upon an Act for the Increase of the Navy, says that "in old times no flesh at all was eaten on fish days; even the king himself could not have license; which was occasion of eating so much fish as now is eaten in flesh upon fish days."
  • Butchers have palmed off upon their customers imported fresh meat as homegrown, and secured a dishonest profit by charging for it the prices of the latter, which are considerably in excess of those of the imported product.
  • With this superior description of butchers' stock all classes of home-grown stock - good, bad and indifferent - have, of course, to compete.
  • Paris was dominated at that time by the party of the "butchers," or Cabochiens, which had been organized and armed by the count of Saint-Pol, brother-in-law of John the Fearless.