Sentence Examples

  • I harvested twelve bushels of beans.
  • Reached about 96,250,000 bushels, a slight increase on the average.
  • The chief wheat lands are in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales; the yield averages about 9 bushels to the acre; this low average is due to the endeavour of settlers on new lands to cultivate larger areas than their resources can effectively deal with; the introduction of scientific farming should almost double the yield.
  • The largest cereal crop is oats, of which, in 1909, 2,608,000 bushels (valued at $1,304,000) were produced on 81,00o acres.
  • The fruit crop of 1899 included 1, 97 8, 797 bushels of apples, 19,341 bushels of pears, 6054 bushels of peaches, 4942 bushels of plums, 1183 bushels of cherries, 487,500 It) of grapes, 568,640 qts.