Sentence Examples

  • The Valley gets log-jammed with tour buses and cars driving the length and breath of it but there are still places of quiet solitude and rural peace, albeit, these are easier to find in the winter rather than the summer.
  • The cost of limousine buses, like any other kind of limousine service varies widely from region to region and depending on the number of people in your party, the amount of time you need the limo for and other factors.
  • Bus drivers navigate well over 200 buses through the Central Florida Walt Disney World compound, which makes them part of a team that is the largest in Florida after Miami and Jacksonville's city bus system.
  • In addition to your home, bedbugs can be found in mobile homes, in public places like hotels, movie theatres, and cruise ships, and even in public transportation, like buses and mass transit.
  • Elementary school students may be sufficiently chastised with a few harsh words, but middle school students who engage in unsafe bus behavior may need harsher disciplinary measures to enforce the necessity for safe buses.