Sentence Examples

  • They included bucolic poems in Greek.
  • He drank in the sights and sounds of the bucolic world around him and for the first time in days felt relaxed.
  • "Where do they live?" she asked as we rolled up and down low hills by bucolic pastures.
  • The last line may mean that he wrote nothing but bucolic poems, or that he only wrote in Doric. The statement that he was a Syracusan is confirmed by allusions in the " Idylls " (xi.
  • The spread of Hellenic culture among the Sicels had in return made a Greek home for many Sicel beliefs, traditions and customs. Bucolic poetry is the native growth of Sicily; in the hands of Theocritus it grew out of the germs supplied by Epicharmus and Sophron into a distinct and finished form of the art.