Sentence Examples

  • Bs, Blood sinus.
  • Bs, Blood sinus.
  • Oc. ' ' px, Premaxilla.
  • On this principle the covariant j is expressible in the form R 2 j =5 3 + BS 2 a+4ACSa 2 + C(3AB -4C)a3 when S, a are the above defined linear forms.
  • We will choose from the forms in such manner that the product of letters A is either a power of A i, or does not contain A i; this rule leaves us with A2B 1 B 2 and A 2 B,Bs; of these forms we will choose that one which in letters B is earliest in ascending dictionary order; this is A2B 1 B 21 and our earliest perpetuant is (22)a(21)b - (221)a(2)b, and thence the general form enumerated by the generating function Z7 is (1-z)(1 - z2)2 (2 A2+2) a (2�2 +1 1�1 +1) b - (2 A2+2 1)a (2 M2+1 1, ai)b ...