Sentence Examples

  • If you just want to browse, they will be happy to let you peruse the selection without undue pressure or coercion, and they are able to answer any questions about pieces on display or those that may be currently backordered or coming soon.
  • In fact, he had repeatedly encouraged her to browse his financial records.
  • It was only a pet calf that had come there to browse among the bushes.
  • The young seedlings are sometimes nibbled by the hare and rabbit; and on parts of the highland hills both bark and shoots are eaten in the winter by the roe-deer; larch woods should always be fenced in to keep out the hill-cattle, which will browse upon the shoots in spring.
  • The wood of the aspen is very light and soft, though tough; it is employed by coopers, chiefly for pails and herring-casks; it is also made into butchers' trays, pack-saddles, and various articles for which its lightness recommends it; sabots are also made of it in France, and in medieval days it was valued for arrows, especially for those used in target practice; the bark is used for tanning in northern countries; cattle and deer browse greedily on the young shoots and abundant suckers.