Sentence Examples

  • Russia formed the headquarters of the Society, and two forged breves were speedily circulated, being dated June 9 and June 29, 1774, approving their establishment in Russia, and implying the repeal of the breve of suppression.
  • But these are contradicted by the tenor of five genuine breves issued in September '774 to the archbishop of Gnesen, and making certain assurances to the ex-Jesuits, on condition of their complete obedience to the injunctions already laid on them.
  • Ballivian, Apuntes sobre la industria de goma elastica, &c. (La Paz, 1896); Noticia Politica, Geogrdfica, Industrial, y Estadistica de Bolivia (La Paz, 1900); Breves Indicaciones Tiara el Inmigrante y el Viajero a Bolivia (La Paz, 1898); Monografias de la Industria Minera en Bolivia, three parts (La Paz, 1899-1900); Relaciones Geogrdficas de Bolivia existentes en el Archivo de la Oficina Nacional de Inmigracion, &c. (La Paz, 1898); M.