Sentence Examples

  • The drama and complexities of the story proceeded for a number of months, but the long and the short of it was that Favre wanted to play.On the cover of Madden NFL 09, you'll see that Brett Favre is in a Green Bay Packers jersey.
  • Visiting England in 1856, Field entered into an agreement with Bright and with John Watkins Brett, who with his brother Jacob had proposed the constructing of an Atlantic cable eleven years previously, with the object of forming a company for establishing and working electric telegraphic communication between Newfoundland and Ireland.
  • Brett controlled the Newfoundland Telegraph Company on the other side of the ocean, Bright organized with them the Atlantic Telegraph Company in 1856 for the purpose of carrying out the idea, himself becoming engineer-in-chief.
  • It lies pleasantly in a well-wooded country on the small river Brett, a tributary of the Stour.
  • Brett, merged 1903 with the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature (8 vols., 1901-1908, ed.