Sentence Examples

  • Charm School 3 with Ricki Lake will feature the ladies who failed to win Bret Michaels' heart in his third go-round looking for love as well as the girls who got dumped by brothers Ahmad Givens and Kamal Givens on Real Chance of Love.
  • When asked about the bandana in the hospital, Bret did not admit that it had anything to do with balding, but instead made the claim that he wanted to make sure that if he was going to die, he wanted to "go out rockin'."
  • Yep, just like Bret Michaels on VH1's Rock of Love and his seemingly perennial search for true love, you can bet that Tila Tequila will make another appearance on MTV in the next season of A Shot at Love 3.
  • The women who compete on Rock of Love Charm School are all previous contestants from either Rock of Love or Rock of Love 2, the show where women vied for the attention of Poison front man Bret Michaels.
  • While most people would quickly assume that the presence of the bandana automatically means that Bret must be trying to avoid revealing a bald head, it is important to remember where Bret comes from.