Sentence Examples

  • If your employer still balks at allowing you to breastfeed, and you notice other employees taking cigarette breaks, extra long lunches for hair appointments and/or doctors' visits, then you may need to point that out to your boss.
  • The pill is taken for 21 consecutive days of the menstrual cycle followed by a 'placebo' pill for 7 days, during which time menstruation occurs.Combination pills are not recommended for women who wish to breastfeed.
  • However, mothers who want to use one and continue to breastfeed may be able to find success with a little guidance from their local lactation specialist or from a breastfeeding group such as the La Leche League.
  • As society's acceptance to breastfeeding and awareness of the benefits continue to rise, chances are good that a larger percentage of mothers will choose to breastfeed for extended periods of time.
  • Carnation infant formula has a long history going all the way back to 1867 when Henri Nestle first introduced a nutritious product for infants whose mothers were not able to breastfeed.