Sentence Examples

  • Instead, the top portion of the tankini is outfitted in a sunny, striped collage of light blue, orange and grey, while the bottom portion of the tankini (the part that sits just under the breastbone) is encased in a deep mid-tone pink.
  • Interesting notes about this halterkini include the fact that the brown and white floral print is contained to the bust and neck area, while the rest of the top, underneath the breastbone and waist, remains a solid block of color.
  • The technique in children over one year of age is the same as in adults, except that the amount of force used is less than that used with adults in order to avoid damaging the child's ribs, breastbone, and internal organs.
  • A uniploar SCM release, sometimes called an inferior open tenotomy of the SCM, cuts and then reattaches the SCM muscle where it meets both the breastbone and collarbone.
  • Using the free hand, the rescuer places the index and middle finger on the center of the breastbone just below the nipple line and makes gives five quick chest thrusts.