Sentence Examples

  • Frank was ambivalent about his breakup with Jane.
  • Whether you are doing it after a relationship breakup, based on geographical separation or as the result of a non-traditional union, following a few basic co-parenting guidelines reduces the stress of the arrangement for everyone involved.
  • Hanging on to anger can only help you for a little while, and although there may be bad blood between the two of you at the time of the breakup, you've got to find a way to move beyond this powerful emotion and find peace…and acceptance.
  • When a lesbian relationship falls apart, people who weren't comfortable with the relationship in the first place may act almost embarrassed when the subject is approached, or they may simply try to ignore that the breakup has occurred.
  • Many have speculated that her breakup with Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos III was at the root of her decision to leave New York, but her personal battle with anorexia nervosa may have also influenced her need to return home.