Sentence Examples

  • He spent his whole life trying to make a scientific breakthrough, but since he never succeeded, his name is likely to fade into oblivion. 
  • Many utilize scientic innovations, breakthrough technology and natural ingredients; common treatments include hydrating, anti-aging and teen facials; microdermabrasion; glycolic peels; exfoliation therapies; eye care therapies; and more.
  • For years female comic book superheroes tended to take the back seat to their male counterparts, but gradually they used their super powers to breakthrough cultural barriers that worked to "keep them in their place."
  • He was forced to attend classes to appear with the troupe and even though he wasn't enthusiastic about these studies at the time, they were instrumental in helping him achieve his breakthrough role.
  • Antonio Ben Chimol worked in Milan and Paris as a fashion designer for quite a few years but had his first major style breakthrough in 1996 when he created a bracelet from hi-tech car springs and dubbed it the Masai Tech Bracelet.