Sentence Examples

  • The Brazilians were defeated, notably at Ituzaingo, and in 1827 the war issued in the independence of Uruguay.
  • Seven years before the passing of this act the emperor, whose influence had always been exerted in favour of freedom, had liberated his private slaves, and many Brazilians after 1871 followed his example.
  • On Brazilian: Fletcher and Kidder, Brazil and the Brazilians (9th ed., 1879).
  • And even then, because of the insufficient number of Brazilian vessels it was provided in the regulations that foreign vessels could be enrolled in that trade by using the Brazilian flag and employing a certain proportion of Brazilians on the crew.
  • One of the purposes of this restrictive provision was that of creating a national merchant marine, but the disinclination of Brazilians for maritime pursuits has been a serious obstacle to its realization.