Sentence Examples

  • Heartier appetizers, like boneless wings, mini quiches or sliders, can all be grouped together.
  • By feeding a toddler a piece of boneless chicken, some green peas, a few cooked carrots, and a bit of potato instead of a can of chicken stew, parents can identify exactly what foods the child is eating and in what quantities.
  • Instead of buying boneless skinless chicken breasts, for example, buy the whole chicken.A whole chicken is one of the most cost-effective purchases you can make in the grocery store, provided you use the chicken fully.
  • You can also cook burgers, boneless chicken breasts, steaks, stir fry vegetables and many other types of foods quickly and easily on one of these self contained griddles.
  • Cook it for five to nine minutes for boneless breasts and thighs, and three to our minutes for chicken tenders.