Sentence Examples

  • If you love the few, brief moments when the last of the sun's daylight is slipping away over the horizon and the deep blue-black of night approaches, this color palette will appeal to you.
  • Nebelung - Thought to be a mix between the Russian Blue and Angora, this breed started from a stray cat that produced kittens with long fur and blue-black coats.
  • The most notable are S. humilis, of neat tufted habit, 1 1/2 feet high, flowers white, fragrant, succeeded by blue-black fruits.
  • Lesions with irregular borders or colored white, blue-black, red or blue that appear on the trunk or limbs may signal cancer.
  • If dark hair is more your style, a rich, luxurious chocolate brown hair color or even a cool blue-black shade is perfect.