Sentence Examples

  • While the Bluebird dolls were less than one inch tall, Mattel's dolls measure between two and three inches in height and are made of pliable plastic as opposed to the hard plastic of the original doll.
  • Bluebird Garden- Cool, peaceful hues of pale blue and green are mixed with a bright, cheerful yellow in this traditional, country style floral print featuring quaint little bluebirds.
  • For the dragon, most begin with the flower base, which converts into the bird base -- the same that's used for the crane, bluebird, starbox, and several flowers.
  • The voice punctuated all of the remarks with a series of elaborate motion graphics put over O'Brien, with images of the Twitter icon bluebird in more and more macabre situations.
  • It has few distinctive species, but within its borders the southern mole and cotton-tail rabbit of the South meet the northern star-nosed and Brewers moles and the varying hare of the North, and the southern bobwhite, Baltimore oriole, bluebird, catbird, chewink, thrasher and wood thrush are neighbors of the bobolink, solitary vireo and the hermit and Wilson s thrushes.