Sentence Examples

  • He was his mother's favourite, and she bequeathed to him her English estates, which, however, he was not permitted to hold in his father's lifetime.
  • The Wallace collection of paintings and objects of art, in Hertford House, Manchester Square, was bequeathed to the nation by the widow of Sir Richard Wallace in 1897.
  • Hippolyte de Bethune, count of Selles and marquis of Chabris, who died in 1665, bequeathed to the king a magnificent collection of historical documents and works of art.
  • On his death, which occurred in London on the 11th of December 1909, he bequeathed a large part of his collection of pictures to the nation.
  • Ptolemy Apion meanwhile, dying in 96, had bequeathed the Cyrenaica to Rome.