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Country in Central America, on the Caribbean: formerly a British colony & territory, it became independent & a member of the Commonwealth (1981): 8,867 sq mi (22,966 sq km); cap. Belmopan.
Webster's New World
Seaport on the coast of this country.
Webster's New World

An English-speaking country in Central America, formerly called British Honduras. Official name: Belize. The capital is Belmopan, and the chief seaport is Belize City.

A country of Central America on the Caribbean Sea. Originally inhabited by the Maya, the region was settled by the British beginning in 1638 and was established as the crown colony of British Honduras in 1862. It became self-governing in 1964, adopted the name Belize in 1973, and gained independence in 1981. Belmopan is the capital.
American Heritage
The largest city of Belize, in the eastern part of the country on the Caribbean Sea at the mouth of the Belize River. It was devastated by a hurricane in 1961. The capital was moved from here to Belmopan in 1970.
American Heritage

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