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The quality or condition of being private; withdrawal from company or public view; seclusion.
Webster's New World
Told in strict privacy.
Webster's New World
The state of being free from public attention or unsanctioned intrusion.
A person's right to privacy.
American Heritage
One's private life or personal affairs.
An invasion of one's privacy.
Webster's New World

The state of being private; the state of not being seen by others.

I need my privacy, so please mind your own frigging business!
A feature of a voice mail system that allows a sender to mark a message as private or confidential, thereby denying the recipient the ability to forward it to another user.
Webster's New World Telecom

A feature of a key telephone system (KTS) or PBX that prevents a station user from accessing an outside line if another user has already engaged that line, unless the primary user chooses to override the restriction and to allow a conference call. See also conference call.

Webster's New World Telecom
Freedom from unauthorized access. Privacy issues in the security sense include digital rights management, spam deterrence, anonymity maintenance, and cracker disclosure rule adequacy. Privacy also means being able to maintain a balance between individuals’ privacy rights and those of the government in providing national security. In April 2005, the U.S. government added Canada to its “piracy watch list” and ordered a review of Canadian Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) enforcement measures. The review was apparently fueled by a number of industry complaints alleging that Canada has become a haven for pirated and counterfeit goods, primarily because it and six other countries—the Ukraine, Belize, Latvia, Lithuania, Taiwan, and Thailand—act as channels for pirated goods moving from countries such as China to the U.S. Grami, A. and Schell, B. Future Trends in Mobile Commerce: Service Offerings, Technological Advances and Security Challenges. Proceedings of Second Annual Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust. University of New Brunswick, New Brunswick, Canada, October 13–15, 2004. [Online, October, 2004.] Privacy, Security, Trust 2004 Website.; McKenna, B. Trade: U.S. Puts Canada on Piracy Watch List. The Globe and Mail, May 2, 2005, p. B1, B4; Whitman, M. and Mattord, H. Principles of Information Security. Boston: Thomson Learning, Inc., 2003; ngtrans/.
Webster's New World Hacker

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