Sentence Examples

  • Glass mixtures containing lead are melted in covered, beehive-shaped crucibles holding from 12 to 18 cwt.
  • The women's wing was a beehive of activity.
  • THOLOS (06Xos), the term given in Greek architecture to a circular building, with or without a peristyle; the earliest examples are those of the beehive tombs at Mycenae and in other parts of Greece, which were covered by domes built in horizontal courses of masonry.
  • Some of the rock chambers originally intended for tombs were afterwards converted, perhaps under pressure of necessity, into habitations, as in the case of the so-called " Prison of Socrates," which consists of three chambers horizontally excavated and a small round apartment of the " beehive " type.
  • Their huts are usually beehive-shaped, with a single apartment, low narrow door, and no chimney.