Sentence Examples

  • For example, in the Shining a young women in the bathtub turns into an old decaying woman, and Zelda, the elderly sister in Pet Cemetery died of spina bifida - the elderly, sickness and death became a recurring theme.
  • Make certain that you are not under heavy objects on the floors above you, such as refrigerators, or pianos.If the structure does not have basement seek shelter in a small room, such as a closet or bathroom, or in a bathtub if possible.
  • Interestingly enough, a video entitled "Really Stupid Cats" actually features some of the more unique cat acts available on the web, yet it suffers a far lower viewership than Crazy Cats' uneventful bathtub antics.
  • Follow manufacturer's recommendations that come with the swimsuit, or follow this simple routine perfect for swimsuits and lingerie: Hand wash the bikini in the sink or bathtub using delicate care laundry soap.
  • Filling a bathtub, or using a performance shower system are beyond the capabilities of the demand heater, and a slow trickle of water, such as those used for shaving or tooth brushing, will not trigger the heater.