Barbituric Acid Definition

bärbĭ-to͝orĭk, -tyo͝or-
A white, odorless, crystalline acid, C4H4O3N2, used in the manufacture of sedatives and hypnotics, in making dyes, and as a polymerization catalyst.
Webster's New World
An acidic pyrimidine derivative, C4 H4 O3 N2 , used in the manufacture of barbiturates and some plastics.
American Heritage Medicine

(organic chemistry) A heterocyclic compound derived from pyrimidine that is the basis of all barbiturate drugs.


Origin of Barbituric Acid

  • Partial translation of German Barbitursäure barb- (perhaps from the name Barbara) -itur (ultimately from Ur(in) urine) (from Latin ūrīna urine) Säure acid

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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