Sentence Examples

  • He went to Paris at the age of twenty, and, as a pupil of Corot, came into close touch with the Barbizon masters.
  • This last work, exhibited in 1848, obtained conspicuous success, but did not sell till Ledru Rollin, informed of the painter's dire distress, gave him Soo francs for it, and accompanied the purchase with a commission, the money for which enabled Millet to leave Paris for Barbizon, a village on the skirts of the forest of Fontainebleau.
  • The drawing of this subject is reproduced in Souvenirs de Barbizon, a pamphlet in which M.
  • His pictures, like those of the rest of the Barbizon school, have since greatly increased in value.
  • See the article BARBIZON; also A.