Sentence Examples

  • Coral Barberry (Berberidopsis) - B. corallina is a beautiful evergreen climbing shrub from Chili, hardy enough for open walls in the southern counties.
  • Diphylleia Cymosa - A perennial of the Barberry family, about 1 foot high, having large umbrella-like leaves in pairs.
  • Interesting and, when well grown, elegant plants of the Barberry order, but not shrubby.
  • In that case either very little secondary tissue is formed, as in the gourds, some Ranunculaceae, &c., or a considerable amount may be produced (clematis, barberry, ivy).
  • (3) Into the alpine region (6200 to 10,400 ft.) penetrate a few very stunted oaks (Quercus subalpina), the junipers already mentioned and a barberry (Berberis cretica), which sometimes spreads into close thickets.