Sentence Examples

  • He got a haircut and looked almost looked normal.
  • After being discovered by accident by an agent who happened to be getting a haircut at the same time Nick's mom was getting her hair done - Nick wowed the agent with his singing - he began performing on Broadway.
  • While many women struggle to add body and volume to their hair, thick haired women are blessed with an abundance of locks that can look well-tamed and gorgeous when the best haircut for thick hair is implemented.
  • While it used to be believed that women had a great deal more haircut options than men, guys' haircuts today offer many looks to choose from that will complement a man's hair type, lifestyle, and personality.
  • Ask anyone who's ever experienced a nightmare haircut that took months to grow back into "normal" condition - there's nothing more important than someone who really knows the ins and outs of hairstyling and cutting.