Barbary Coast Definition

proper name
Coastal region of N Africa, extending from Egypt to the Atlantic, inhabited chiefly by Berbers and once (until early 19th cent.) dominated by pirates.
Webster's New World
The waterfront district in San Francisco from the gold rush of 1849 to the earthquake of 1906, known for its saloons, gambling places, & brothels.
Webster's New World

The Mediterranean region off the coast of North Africa, once notorious as a haven for pirates.


(by extension) A waterfront area of San Francisco at the time of the gold rush.

The Mediterranean coastal area of Barbary and the Barbary States.
American Heritage
A waterfront area of San Francisco, California, in the years after the 1849 gold rush. It was notorious for its gambling dens, saloons, brothels, and disreputable boarding houses.
American Heritage

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