Sentence Examples

  • The only way to get it is to play the last level until you get the banshee; once you have the banshee go to the part were the scarab shoots that big building.
  • When making an appearance as the washer woman, the banshee is commonly spotted washing blood from the clothes of the person who is destined to die.
  • The Ghost can do boosts, making it go faster, and the Banshee has an extra maneuver, making it easier to fly.
  • Get out the banshee; once you do that go to the third pill that you can walk up and the skull will be there.
  • The banshee is perhaps connected with ancestral or house spirits; the Wild Huntsman, the Gabriel hounds, the Seven Whistlers, &c., are traceable to some actual phenomenon; but the great mass of British goblindom cannot now be traced back to savage or barbarous analogues.