Sentence Examples

  • There are certain characteristics of "bandwidth" that are important to understand in order to make sense of why a private server would offer lower limits than a basic hosting plan with "unlimited data."
  • However if you already have a website hosting account, or are thinking of starting one, then the best option is to focus on finding an inexpensive website hosting service that provides unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth.
  • The size of the image is determined by the bandwidth connection speed you select - so a phone modem would get a 50k image, a cable modem 500k, and a T1 connection would get a whopping 1.5mb image.
  • If you have a sketchy, slow or low bandwidth Internet connection, you may want to choose to download your film in order to avoid interruptions and poor picture or sound quality while watching it.
  • The one problem with online videos is that you need a very high bandwidth in order to actually watch very good quality - something that might be necessary if you want to learn dance videos well.