Sentence Examples

  • If you are unsure of any of the information, the calculator may be able to provide an estimate or you may want to enter a ballpark figure in order to obtain an idea of what you will pay every month for your mortgage.
  • Many about-to-be-engaged couples search for an average engagement ring cost in order to have a ballpark figure when buying an engagement ring, but there really are no average costs that can apply to every couple.
  • While most sources agree upon a figure somewhere in the ballpark of around $8000, some sources make the claim that the number is actually higher while others make the claim that the number is actually lower.
  • Once a couple has established a budget or ballpark figure for the engagement ring's final price, they should investigate different rings and jewelers to discover what they can expect to find at that price.
  • Most tax professionals won't be able to tell you what your preparation fee will be until they're done, but they might be able to give you a ballpark figure, based on a description of your tax situation.