Sentence Examples

  • Today, Capezio's line includes the best commercial jazz, tap, and ballet shoes, but Capezio also offers ice skates and the same custom shoemaking for professional companies that originated in that small storefront over a hundred years ago.
  • If you want everyone who views your site to know that love ballet or hip hop, the easiest way to do it is to use a custom MySpace layout that integrates photographs, iconic symbols and colors that represent your particular field of dance.
  • While previously, legwarmers were generally confined to ballet dance studios and were worn to keep dancers' muscles warm and loose, part of 80s fads and fashions included taking legwarmers out of the ballet class and into aerobics class.
  • Dancers, who are looking to give themselves an Internet presence, a method of networking with people of similar interests, or even just looking to stay in touch with friends, might also utilize a ballet background on their MySpace page.
  • A pair of ballet flats caught her attention, and Jessi pulled them on.