Sentence Examples

  • Typically the counter finish complements your color scheme rather than takes center stage, unless you choose a dramatic tile pattern, such as decorative glass or mosaic tile, that wraps the backsplash and up the wall to form an accent area.
  • Choices for your backsplash may include 12-inch marble or onyx tiles lit from behind, 6 x 12-inch glass tiles set in a running bond, or 18-inch metallic finish tiles that fill the space with only one vertical grout line every 18-inches.
  • Any material can be installed on a backsplash, which means that you can have an inexpensive splash for one hundred dollars, or an over-the-top splash that costs ten thousand, which consists of a handpainted mural and decorative tiles.
  • The countertop and backsplash are usually made to complement one another, whether the same material is used on both, such as tiles, or two natural stones are combined such as granite and sandstone.
  • For example, if your kitchen already has a lot of green, with an Uba Tuba granite top, green slate floor and backsplash, then you can spice up your walls with a burgundy to make the green pop.

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