Sentence Examples

  • Nesco countertop roaster ovens are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small, five quart models perfect for preparing a pot of chili or a pork roast to a large 18 quart version that is big enough to cook a whole turkey.
  • While the installation of these types of ovens can be tedious, their exteriors stay cleaner than countertop styles and permit cooks to access them at eye-level rather than bending over a counter.
  • A ceramic tile kitchen countertop that's installed properly and well maintained can last many years, but even more importantly, using this type of tile provides the homeowner with a range of benefits besides cost-efficiency and color.
  • Keep in mind that the tiles on your kitchen countertop have to be strong enough to handle heavy pots and pans, plates and knives; don't settle for the least expensive ceramic tiles, because they may chip or crack more easily.
  • If you would prefer not to give up a sizeable section of the countertop space in your kitchen to hold this type of appliance, you may find that an under cabinet toaster oven is an excellent option for your home.