Sentence Examples

  • An avid reader, she also regularly indulges in retail therapy.
  • Many avid couponers say the easiest way to shop with coupons is to write your list on an envelope and tuck the coupons you want to use into the envelope so everything is in one spot when you're ready to pay for your purchases.
  • As the winner of Olympic gold in 1960 and an avid professional athlete, Jean and fellow entrepreneur Roger Pouilloux understood that the world of ski and sporting equipment was lacking in goggles and other eyewear.
  • Packed with celebrities and all manner of fashion folks, the occasion is often virtually attended by avid fashion fans, who can follow their favorite designers online at the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week website, as well
  • It is simple enough to bring in "non-gamers" -- just about anyone can start enjoying it, even in the first few minutes -- yet complex enough for avid players to want to "master" the games, finding all the little nuances and Easter eggs.