Sentence Examples

  • Surfer Bruce Irons, for example, wears a pair of metal grey polarized sunglasses with wrap-around effect, while skateboarder Danny Supa prefers a more classically styled, aviator frame with brown faded lenses.
  • Polarized, mirrored aviator sunglasses became so popular among police forces across the world that some departments actually banned mirrored aviator glasses because they were too "intimidating."
  • He wanted it to be similar to the helmets that he wore as a naval aviator, and wore it in response to a doctor telling him that he was risking death if he suffered another bad kick to the head.
  • Mirrored coatings are manufactured for polarized, mirrored aviator glasses out of highly reflective material called a "flash coating" that contains a certain percentage of reflective metal like chromium oxide or titanium dioxide.
  • First Wrist Watch: In response to Brazilian pioneer aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont's complaints about the impractical pocket watch, Cartier engineers created the world's first wrist watch for men in 1904, the Cartier Santos.