Sentence Examples

  • Aeronaut Skyride - Not so much a ride as a way to travel, this skyride travels between Banbury Cross, Rhinefeld, and Aquitaine areas, over part of the Loch Ness Monster roller coaster.
  • The aeroplanes are aeronaut attached to main kept in parallel plane by spar.
  • An account of his helicoptere or screw model appeared in the Aeronaut for January 1872, but before giving a description of it, it may be well to state very briefly what is known regarding the history of the screw as applied to the air.
  • The whole machine, with aeronaut, weighed about i ioo lb, the weight of the motor being reputed to be 200 lb.
  • 3 The Aeronaut for January 1872 and February 1875.