Sentence Examples

  • Aeronaut Skyride - Not so much a ride as a way to travel, this skyride travels between Banbury Cross, Rhinefeld, and Aquitaine areas, over part of the Loch Ness Monster roller coaster.
  • The aeroplanes are aeronaut attached to main kept in parallel plane by spar.
  • After beginning the study of chemistry in his father's shop he came to Paris and gained the appointment of apothecary in chief to the Salpetriere, also lecturing on chemistry at the muscle of the aeronaut J.
  • An account of his helicoptere or screw model appeared in the Aeronaut for January 1872, but before giving a description of it, it may be well to state very briefly what is known regarding the history of the screw as applied to the air.
  • The whole machine, with aeronaut, weighed about i ioo lb, the weight of the motor being reputed to be 200 lb.