Sentence Examples

  • In the struggle between France and Austria from the 17th century onwards the Breisgau frequently changed masters.
  • On the 15th of December, when Schmerling and the Austrian members had left the cabinet, Gagern became head of the imperial ministry, and on the 18th he introduced a programme (known as the Gagernsche Programm) according to which Austria was to be excluded from the new federal state, but bound to it by a treaty of union.
  • The emperor of Austria continues to nominate to bishoprics by virtue of rights anterior to this concordat.
  • In 1801 Austria was forced to cede it to Ercole III., duke of Modena, in compensation for the duchy of which Napoleon had deprived him.
  • No policy could have been less far-sighted; for Charles V., joint heir to Austria, Burgundy, Castile and Aragon, the future overwhelming rival of France, was already born.