Sentence Examples

  • Aurelius by the Senatus Fidenatium, was excavated in 1889.
  • The vivid narrative of his career given by Lucian might be taken as fictitious but for the corroboration of certain coins of the emperors Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius (J.
  • 166 a verse from the oracle was used as an amulet and was inscribed over the doors of houses as a protection, and an oracle was sent, at Marcus Aurelius' request, by Alexander to the Roman army on the Danube during the war with the Marcomanni, declaring that victory would follow on the throwing of two lions alive into the river.
  • See Lucian, 'AX�EavSpos IkevSo�avrns; Samuel Dill, Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius (1904); and F.
  • See Sallust, Jugurtha; Orelli's Onomasticon Tullianum; Asconius, In Scaurum; Aurelius Victor, De viris illustribus, 72; A.