Sentence Examples

  • 270, when Aurelian succeeded Claudius as emperor, Wahab-allath was governing Egypt with the title of " king."
  • The judicial authorities requested a rescript from the emperor Aurelian for the decision of the cause.
  • Aurelian referred the matter to the bishop of Rome and the bishops of Italy, who gave their award in favour of the Antiochene Church.
  • Six months after the assassination of Aurelian he was chosen by the senate to succeed him, and the choice was cordially ratified by the army.
  • His coins of 270 struck at Alexandria bear the legend v(ir) c(onsularis) R(omanorum) im(perator) d(ux) R(omanorum) and display his head beside that of Aurelian, but the latter alone is styled Augustus.

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