Sentence Examples

  • We gave him our assurances we'd not violate his trust though I thought Betsy's suggestion was reasonable.
  • Then finally she discovered (December 13) at the time of the coup d'etat, that he had, of his own initiative, given assurances of approval to Count Walewski, which were not in accord with the views of the cabinet and with the "neutrality which had been enjoined" by the queen.
  • But these are contradicted by the tenor of five genuine breves issued in September '774 to the archbishop of Gnesen, and making certain assurances to the ex-Jesuits, on condition of their complete obedience to the injunctions already laid on them.
  • He, too, was unsuccessful; and a few months later he was dismissed with some English money and ostensible assurances of support.
  • "Did she pack any clothes?" asked the detective after giving assurances that were only partially believed.