Sentence Examples

  • African American women sometimes have trouble finding a foundation that matches their skin tone because many popular foundations have yellow undertones, which can look chalky and ashy on women of color.
  • Soy candles produce less soot - that dark, ashy substance that coats walls, ceilings is a particulate matter made up of carbon and is dangerous to human lungs.
  • 1 and 2), of an ashy white colour, with a body in the case of the male not 2 in.
  • The deeper tints are, however, peculiar to the nuptial plumage, or are only to be faintly traced at other times, so that in winter the adults - and the young always - have a much plainer appearance, ashy-grey and white being almost the only hues observable.
  • The colours range from deep black to pure white, passing through chestnut or bay, and many tints of brown or ashy-grey, while often the feathers are more or less closely barred with some darker shade, and the black is very frequently glossed with violet, blue or green - or, in addition, spangled with white grey or gold-colour.