Sentence Examples

  • I suspect that I have a Yellow Jasmine as my plants' flowers are not double blooms but single (approx.) 1" blossoms that send the most delicious fragrance out on the wind.
  • The revenue in 1914-5 amounted to 872 lakhs of rupees (approx.
  • In gold, 19,053,861 r (say) Floating indebtedness (a/es current, bills, &c.) Total, not funded, approx.
  • Approx.) and follows a semicircular direction north-west and north to the source of the Javary (or Yavary), to include the basins of the Purus and Jurua within Brazilian jurisdiction.
  • (Flensburg, 1869); or Pirie's tract on Geometrical Methods of Approx.