Sentence Examples

  • Now the ruins of the city, the great temple of Ptah, the dwelling of Apis, and the palaces of the kings, are traceable only by a few stones among the palm trees and fields and heaps of rubbish.
  • One of the chief monuments is the Serapeum or sepulchre of the Apis bulls, discovered by Mariette in 1851.
  • Genera: Cynips, Tenthredo, Sirex, Ichneumon, Sphex, Chrysis, Vespa, Apis, Formica, Mutilla.
  • The origin of this particular form of worship can scarcely be sought in Egypt; the Apis which was worshipped there was a live bull, and image-worship was common among the Canaanites in connexion with the cult of Baal and Astarte (qq.v.).
  • - Jaws of Hive-bee (Apis mellifica).