Sentence Examples

  • Winners of the award have to maintain a high API report score, accountability in reference to the No Child Left Behind (AYP) and meet the API requirements for California schools.
  • You will need to upload a picture of yourself to the application - this can be either from your computer or by accessing the Facebook API (using your username and password).
  • Understanding Today's Crude Oil and Product Markets (pdf): The API offers an overview of the international and domestic markets in this 27-page document.
  • Facebook also has its own "Graph API" which is used to measure people, photos, events, and pages as well as the connections between them.
  • The velocity of advance of B relatively to C is (according to 32) aPi, and of A relatively to B (according to 57) aPi; hence the velocity of A relatively to C is a(piPi), (46)