Sentence Examples

  • However, the key to getting this style to look just right lies in the width of the side ties; you’ll want to look for bold ties that come with a bit of fabric, not skimpy ones that can look a bit anemic.
  • Some hair vitamin companies claim that lack of iron actually suffocates your scalp, so that when you're anemic, your blood can't deliver enough oxygen to keep your hair healthy.
  • Surveys of lower-income families in the United States reveal that about 6 percent of infants are anemic, indicating a possible deficiency of iron in the diet (all anemias are not iron-deficiency related).
  • Treatment may decrease the number of spells in some anemic children; however, treatment with iron increases the frequency of spells in children who are not anemic.
  • If a child is anemic, iron (at 6 mg per kg [2.2 lb]) of body weight per day for at least three months) may reduce the frequency of breath-holding spells.