Sentence Examples

  • There are besides many other safe anchorages about the coast, notably Shoal Bay and Kotara Anchorage in the South Andaman; Cadell Bay and the Turtle Islands in the North Andaman; and Outram Harbour and Kwangtung Strait in the archipelago.
  • At the beginning of October 326 B.C. Nearchus left the Indus with his fleet, and the anchorages sought for each night are carefully recorded.
  • Scapa Flow contains several good anchorages, the best being Longhope in the island of Hoy.
  • The anchorages on the east coast are Soo, Karenko and Pinan, which do not call for special notice.
  • A remarkable feature of the Cuban coast is the number of excellent anchorages, roadsteads and harbours.

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