AMPS Definition


Plural form of amp.

A 1G analog cellular radio standard developed by Motorola and AT&T, and operating on 50 MHz of spectrum in the 800 MHz band. In the United States, 25 MHz and 333 (416 in some areas) channels each were provided to the A Carrier, or non-wireline carrier, and the B Carrier, or wireline carrier. Of the total number of channels awarded to each carrier, 21 channels are non-conversational channels dedicated to call setup, handoff, and teardown.The remaining communications channels are split into 30 kHz voice channels using frequency modulation (FM). As an analog system, AMPS derives channels using frequency division multiple access (FDMA) and bidirectional communications is achieved through frequency division duplex (FDD) with the downlink in the 869
Webster's New World Telecom

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