Sentence Examples

  • Neumann in 1845 did for electromagnetic induction what Ampere did for electrodynamics, basing his researches upon the experimental laws of Lenz.
  • Turning to practical applications of electricity, we may note that electric telegraphy took its rise in 1820, beginning with a suggestion of Ampere immediately after Oersted's discovery.
  • See Diderot's Prospectus (Muvres, iii.) and d'Alembert's Discours (Ouvres,i.) The scheme should be compared with later attempts of the same nature by Ampere, Cournot, Comte and Herbert Spencer.
  • The yield of copper per ampere (in round numbers, t oz.
  • Of copper per ampere per diem) by Faraday's law is never attained in practice; and although 98% may with care be obtained, from 94 to 96% represents the more usual current-efficiency.